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Why invest in Lucknow?
  •  Dec 09, 2019
  •  Shweta Yadav

Shedding the image of a Tier II city, the city of Nawabs has seen a massive change in the color of the sky it has been living under in present-day generation. Witnessing developments that went over heaps and bounds, it is a luxury in today date to be able to buy home in LucknowWitnessing expansions from transit corridors to seeing the uprise of Information Technology to the development of various premium residential projects, this city has been going the extra mile when it comes to bringing the top-class amenities and facilities to its occupants. It has been estimated that the needs of 65 lakh residents will be met by the year 2031, given the growing population.


The Town and Country Planning division is going to meet the housing demands and conveyance facilities of the increasing population. It aims to bring approximately 197 fringe villages into the fold of the master plan. This is a perfect opportunity for investors to look into new projects in Lucknow as these investments are going to yield stupendous returns in the future.


Gomti Nagar and Hazratganj are not going to be the only places limited to being recreational hubs as the city is expanding to commercial districts like Faizabad Road, Rae Bareli Road, and Sultanpur. A significant construction of a 150 wide ring road around the city has been approved by the Lucknow Development Authority, as this will give the town a considerable boost when it comes to connectivity. This 100 km Outer Ring Road will surround the periphery of the city. It will comprise all the new residential townships, housing projects, CG City, Awadh Shilp Gram, and cricket stadium developing on the outskirts. Amongst all the upcoming residential projects, a 1 BHK in Sahu City Lucknow has been in demand lately as it is not only affordable, it is also located in one of the most coveted destinations offering luxurious facilities and amenities.


The Lucknow Metro is also one of the significant factors behind the uprising of the upscale residential townships all over the city as it happens to boost connectivity all across the city. The authorities have also been inviting bids for 8 of the planned Metro Station, and this will also make transportation a piece of cake in the town. Lucknow has also made it to the second list of Smart Cities released by the Centre, which has decided in unison to provide funds and assistance to bring this city up to the mark of liveability quotient. Many factors have been highlighted in the process that includes water supply and sanitation, waste management, transport, IT, and e-governance. This city has also emerged as a medical tourism spot in recent times with the establishment of Medanta hospital which has over 1000 beds. The Narayana Hrudalaya Aarogyam also has 326 beds as well as specialty women and child care hospitals that have also made way into the city. The hospitals are located in proximity to the Gomti Nagar extension, which is emerging as a central business district.